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Homologa V5 Instruction Manual: Homologa V5 Instruction Manual

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International and private standards

Homologa integrates standards from various sources :

Name Description Last check of source    Link
ALDI NORTH ALDI BE ALDI DK retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 28/04/2022
ALDI SOUTH2 retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 28/04/2022
JUMBO2 retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 28/04/2022
REWE2 retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 28/04/2022
Fairtrade private standard

PAN & JMPM multilateral standard Aug-2022

Stockholm POP multilateral standard May-2022
Rainforest1 private standard Apr-2022
UTZ1 private standard 2015
Montreal ozone depletion multilateral standard May-2022
Rotterdam multilateral standard May-2022
WHO (GHS recommended by WHO) multilateral standard May-2022
CLP-ECHA (Acute toxicity) multilateral standard 05/05/2022
EU Organic production international standard


Japan Organic production national standard 2017
Planet Proof private standard Apr-2022
MPS private standard May-2022
EU Low-risk substances international standard Jan-2022
EU Candidates for substitution international standard Mar-2022


1UTZ and Rainforest have merged and will release a new standard.

2For those standards, Lexagri slightly modified the classification name from “blacklist” to “blocklist”.