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Date^ Type Country Comment
26-NOV-2020 Registrations MACEDONIA New update Macedonia regs. as 02/10/2020
25-NOV-2020 Registrations SWITZERLAND New update Switzerland regs. as 03/11/2020
24-NOV-2020 Registrations INDIA New update India regs. as 20/11/2020
24-NOV-2020 Registrations SLOVAKIA New update Slovakia regs. as 23/11/2020
24-NOV-2020 Registrations AUSTRIA New update Austria regs. as 29/10/2020
23-NOV-2020 MRLS USA New update USA MRLs as 16/11/2020
20-NOV-2020 Registrations ESTONIA New update Estonia regs. as 15/11/2020
19-NOV-2020 Registrations NETHERLANDS New update Netherlands regs. as 23/10/2020
19-NOV-2020 Registrations TURKEY New update Turkey regs. as 09/11/2020
18-NOV-2020 Registrations VIETNAM New update Vietnam regs. as 09/09/2020
18-NOV-2020 Registrations JAPAN New update Japan regs. as 01/10/2020
17-NOV-2020 MRLS AUSTRALIA New update Australia MRLs as 17/11/2020
17-NOV-2020 Registrations CZECH REP. New update Czech Republic regs. as 17/11/2020
16-NOV-2020 Registrations DENMARK New update Denmark regs. as 07/11/2020
16-NOV-2020 Registrations SPAIN New update Spain regs as 21/10/2020
16-NOV-2020 Registrations TUNISIA New update Tunisia regs. as 08/10/2020
14-NOV-2020 MRLS BRAZIL New update Brazil MRLs as 11/11/2020
13-NOV-2020 MRLS NEW ZEALAND New update New Zealand MRLs as 09/10/2020
13-NOV-2020 Registrations NEW ZEALAND New update New Zealand regs. as 09/11/2020
13-NOV-2020 Registrations POLAND New update Poland regs. as 04/11/2020
13-NOV-2020 MRLS CANADA New update Canada MRLs as 10/11/2020
13-NOV-2020 Registrations NORWAY New update Norway regs. as 31/10/2020
13-NOV-2020 MRLS EU-MRLS-HARMONIZED New update EU MRLs as 13/11/2020 (Reg. 2020/1085 - date of effect 13/11/2020, Reg. 2020/1565 - date of effect 17/11/2020 and Reg. 2020/1633 - date of effect 25/05/2021)
11-NOV-2020 Registrations COLOMBIA New update Colombia regs. as 28/10/2020
10-NOV-2020 Registrations URUGUAY New update Uruguay regs. as 30/09/2020
09-NOV-2020 Registrations BELARUS New update Belarus regs. as 30/09/2020
09-NOV-2020 MRLS USA New update USA MRLs as 06/11/2020
06-NOV-2020 ADI EUROPEAN-UNION New update EU ADI/ARfDs as 06/11/2020
05-NOV-2020 Registrations IRELAND New update Ireland regs. as 01/11/2020
04-NOV-2020 Registrations FRANCE New update France regs. as 04/11/2020
04-NOV-2020 Registrations PHILIPPINES New update Philippines regs. as 30/09/2020
04-NOV-2020 Registrations ITALY New update Italy regs. as 01/11/2020
04-NOV-2020 Registrations UNITED KINGDOM (UK) New update UK regs. as 04/11/2020
03-NOV-2020 Registrations CANADA New update Canada regs. as 20/10/2020
03-NOV-2020 MRLS CANADA New update Canada MRLs as 02/11/2020
03-NOV-2020 MRLS BRAZIL New update Brazil MRLs as 03/11/2020
03-NOV-2020 Registrations PORTUGAL New update Portugal regs. as 27/10/2020
02-NOV-2020 MRLS EU-MRLS-HARMONIZED New update future EU MRLs as 28/10/2020 (Reg. 2020/1565 - date of effect 17/11/2020, Reg. 2020/1566 - date of effect 17/05/2021 and SANTE proposal 11426/2020)
02-NOV-2020 Registrations UKRAINE New update Ukraine regs. as 15/09/2020
02-NOV-2020 Registrations CHINA New update China regs. as 31/10/2020
02-NOV-2020 Registrations BRAZIL New update Brazil regs. as 16/10/2020
01-NOV-2020 Registrations AUSTRALIA New update Australia regs. as 30/10/2020
30-OCT-2020 Registrations INDIA New update India regs. as 29/10/2020
30-OCT-2020 Registrations RUSSIA New update Russian Fed. regs. as 30/09/2020
29-OCT-2020 Registrations CYPRUS New update Cyprus regs. as 15/10/2020
29-OCT-2020 Registrations USA New update USA-EPA regs. as 27/10/2020
29-OCT-2020 Registrations EGYPT New update Egypt regs. as 28/10/2020
28-OCT-2020 MRLS MEXICO New update Mexico MRLs as 27/10/2020
28-OCT-2020 Registrations ESTONIA New update Estonia regs. as 15/10/2020
27-OCT-2020 Registrations MEXICO New update Mexico regs. as 28/09/2020
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