The Global Plant Protection Products Database and their Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs)


Homologa® database is the largest pesticide database in the market combined with Maximum Residue Level for food commodities. It contains harmonized information from more than 200,000 brands distributed in over 90 countries worldwide, generating more than 33 million entries of pesticides information including crops, pests, dosage, health and security information and much more.

Homologa® database will help you to:

  • Save time finding detailed harmonized information about pesticide product registrations and/or maximum residue levels.
  • Retrieve and analyze information from major agricultural countries in the world in both local languages and English.
  • Obtain information for both single crops and crop groups through national crop splits.
  • Find official national sources of each product.
  • Customize your own reports and get them sent to you automatically via email.
  • Work at a global level in one customizable-by-user system.
  • Use data the way you need it: online reports, csv files directly usable in Excel, or even via API that can be easily integrated into farm-management and traceability systems.

 Homologa® is currently being used by:

  • Plant protection industry companies for product management, market analysis, registration and development etc.
  • Governmental organizations evaluating data from other countries in order to find suitable options to local issues: minor and temporary uses, export and import comparisons etc.
  • Farm production and certification bodies as well as laboratories evaluating compliance and risk reduction through MRLs, filtering organic production information, evaluating private standards available in the market etc.
  • Food producers for both national and international trade by comparing different country standards and product recommendations etc.
  • Digital Farming companies (FMIS) implementing data from product information into their systems and offering solutions to farmers on the field etc.


In summary, Homologa® offers a wide variety of solutions to users looking for harmonized and easily accessible pesticide information from all over the world.