The Global Plant Protection Products Database and their Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs)


Homologa™ contain more than 70 countries, 180 000 brands and 20 mio lines of approved country/product/crop/pest combinations

Homologa™ has can help:

  • Save time to find detailed information about registrations
  • All is translated in English
  • Work on global level with one system only
  • Search focused on needs
    • Automatic alerts sent by e-mail
    • Alert can be set by country, crop, active ingredient, company – no overflow of information
  •  Data can be used via API for others systems like farm-management and traceability.

Homologa™ is used today by:

  • Plant protection industry: In product management, market analysis, registration and development.
  • Governmental organizations: Minor use issues, learning of solutions in other countries.
  • Farm production and certification bodies, laboratories: compliance and risk reduction of exceeding MRLs
  • Food producers, International trade: comparison of different country standards and product recommendations.
  • Digital Farming: As standard reference for regulatory data.

Publications form the official national authorities are the main basis but label information is also used additionally.