Slovakia registrations data revised

Slovakia is now available in Homologa Registrations modules with more details than before. GAP information is more detailed (stages, methods, intervals in between treatments, maximum number of treatments), minor uses and Hazard and Precautionary statements have been added also.

Sri Lanka is now available in Homologa Registration modules

Sri Lanka is now available in Homologa Registrations modules. The source of data was provided by the Office of the Registrar of Pesticides, Department of Agriculture. This document was published (as a draft) in 2019 and it includes a full list of Active Ingredients (AI) allowed for use in the country and both brands available in the country containing that AI, and usages.  

New EU MRLs for Chlorpyrifos and Chlorpyrifos-methyl

The approvals of the active substances Chlorpyrifos and Chlorpyrifos-methyl were not renewed by the European Commission.

All existing authorisations for plant protection products containing Chlorpyrifos and Chlorpyrifos-methyl have been revoked.

Thus the european authorities reduced the MRLs of chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl at the LOD for all food commodities.

The new MRLs will apply from 13 November 2020. The corresponding Regulation and its corrigendum can be found here below:

Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/1085

Corrigendum to Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/1085

The future MRLs according to this publication are already available in the Homologa™ database.

Ireland removes epoxiconazole products from PPP database

Ireland has removed from its PPP database (plant protection product) all the products with epoxiconazole.

As consequence the following products will be shown as "expired" in Homologa™ database

Cauldron, Opus, Ceriax, Ceando, Gleam, Icarus, Osiris P, Opus Max, Rubric, Venture Extra, Splice, Inca, Adexar, Pexan, Deuce, Keystone, Seguris, Micaraz, Opera, Corrib, Farmco Epoxy, Spike and Tiro.

This broad-spectrum fungicide has controlled rust diseases in cereals and sugarbeet for over 20 years. However, EU has withdrawn approval of epoxiconazole due to the fact that it has been classified as an endocrin disruptor.



On July 7, Brazilian agency ANVISA published Public Consultations (Consultas Públicas) nº 855-874 on the following active ingredients: aviglycine-hydrochloride, Bacillus subtilis, beta-cyfluthrin, bifenthrin, carfentrazone-e, cyantraniliprole, cyproconazole, fenpyrazamine, fludioxonil, Habrobracon hebetor, procymidone, propiconazole, spiromesifen, tetraconazole and thiophanate methyl.

These proposed MRLs are already loaded into the Homologa™ database.

Cow milk added to EU legislation as a basic substance

On July,10 the European Commission published the regulation (EU) 2020/1004 that approves the cow milk as a basic substance.

According to  RCE 1107/2009 basic substances are determined as  « Certain substances which are not predominantly used as plant protection products may be of value for plant protection, but the economic interest of applying for approval may be limited. Therefore, specific provisions should ensure that such substances, as far as their risks are acceptable, may also be approved for plant protection use »

On August 2018 EFSA had released the outcome of the public consultation on the basic substance application for milk for use in plant protection as fungicide.

As consequence, cow milk has already been added to Homologa™ database dictionaries.


New EU MRLs enter into force

EU Regulation 2020/856 will come into force tomorrow the 9th of July 2020.

Maximum residue levels (MRLs) for for cyantraniliprole, cyazofamid, cyprodinil, fenpyroximate, fludioxonil, fluxapyroxad, imazalil, isofetamid, kresoxim-methyl, lufenuron, mandipropamid, propamocarb, pyraclostrobin, pyriofenone, pyriproxyfen and spinetoram will be modified.

The new and changed MRLs values according to this regulation are already loaded in our Homologa™ database.

Brazil proposes new MRLs

On July 1, Brazilian agency ANVISA has published Public Consultations (Consultas Públicas) nº 824-854 about the following active ingredients: acetamiprid, atrazine, chlorantraniliprole/rynaxypyr, cyhalothrin, cymoxanil, diafenthiuron, difluoroacetic-acid, dinotefuran, famoxadone, fluazinam, flupyradifurone, flutriafol, lambda-cyhalothrin, mesotrione, methomyl, novaluron, oxyfluorfen, pirimiphos-m, propiconazole, pyriproxyfen, quizalofop-p-e, Saccharomices. cerevisiae, spinetoram, tebuconazole, tebuthiuron and teflubenzuron

These proposed MRLs are already loaded into the Homologa™ database.

The U.S. EPA approves 54 new agrochem. and organic products

In June, 2020 US agency EPA has approved the following 54 new products. Most of them are plant protection products (PPP).

A22435 Turf Herbicide, PITORE LIQUID TREATMENT, WBG 2744, INDAZIFLAM GRZ, REZILON, EH-1681 Herbicide, Merpan Captan 1 Techncial, MGK Formula 3163, LPI.A016, LPI.A036, ALB-FC4, Flumetsulam Technical, GLUFOSINATE 11.33%, Glufosinate 0.5% RTU, CSI 19-313B Glufosinate 11.33%, CSI 19-313G Glufosinate 24.5%, MYCOSHIELD 34 WP, Spinosad SC ML, ZBOR Zinc Borate, Burnout Formula II Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer Ready to Use, DISINFECTANT SPRAY G, Rallis Metribuzin Technical, Shurguard HP RTU, OR-CAL NAA K SALT 200, OR-CAL NAA K SALT 800, Sheep Fat Technical, Trico, NAI-2666 20SC Miticide/Insecticide, Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent VI, GreenFurrow Dusting Sulfur, MEYCHEM Clethodim 37% MUP, Martin's 2.4-D Amine, Martin's 2.4-D LV6, Sharda Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Technical, Protec-T, AX ETOXAZOLE WSB, AX FLUAZINAM, LIBERTY SMET-MET, CAC Asulam 400 Herbicde, Lidan Thyme Oil MUP, Forticept EP1, Forticept EP2, Forticept EP3, Forticept EP4, 16HER016 Granules, ESP718 AIO Concentrate, ESP720 AIO Granules, Neem Oil, Neem of Texas Pure Neem Oil 100% Cold Press, Mesotrione 480SC, REPAR BIOSTIMULANT YIELD ENHANCER, GCS METOLA PLUS 8EC, ARG Difenoconazole Technical and  BioAid - Fungicide

These changes have already been added to Homologa™ database.

Japan published new MRLs

On June 18, Japanese authorities published new MRLs for the fungicide Metyltetraprole in sugar beet, apple, tea and fish.


 New MRLs that will apply in the future (starting from December, 18 2020) have also been published for Benthiavalicarb-Isopropyl, Difenoconazole, Iminoctadine, Permethrin and Thifluzamide.

 The current and future MRLs according to this publication are already available in the Homologa™ database.



Japan registers 10 PPP (plant protection products)

On May 2020 Japan registered ten new plant protection products containing the following active ingredients:



These changes have already been added to Homologa™ database.