EU adds 7 actives in the list of candidates for substitution

On September, 17 the commission regulation 2020/1295 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

This regulation adds seven active ingredients in the list of candidates for substitution- carbetamide, emamectin, flurochloridone, gamma-cyhalothrin, halosulfuron‐methyl, ipconazole and tembotrione.

Today, October 7, this regulation has entered into force.

The standard "EU candidates for substitution" has already been updated and uploaded into Homologa™ database.


Cow milk added to EU legislation as a basic substance

On July,10 the European Commission published the regulation (EU) 2020/1004 that approves the cow milk as a basic substance.

According to  RCE 1107/2009 basic substances are determined as  « Certain substances which are not predominantly used as plant protection products may be of value for plant protection, but the economic interest of applying for approval may be limited. Therefore, specific provisions should ensure that such substances, as far as their risks are acceptable, may also be approved for plant protection use »

On August 2018 EFSA had released the outcome of the public consultation on the basic substance application for milk for use in plant protection as fungicide.

As consequence, cow milk has already been added to Homologa™ database dictionaries.