Brazil updates MRL values for 17 active ingredients

Today, November 3, the Brazilian toxicology agency has published resolutions 4437-4453 on Brazilian gazette DOU.

These resolutions change MRL values which entry into force today for the following active ingredients- azoxystrobin, cartap-hcl, clonostachys rosea st321u, cyazofamid, difenoconazole, emamectin-benzoate, ethiprole, flubendiamide, flufenoxuron, g. catenulatum j1446, haloxyfop-p-m, oxymatrine, profenofos, pyriproxyfen and tebuconazole

At the same time, the last public consultations propose future MRLs for actives isofetamid and imidacloprid.

These proposed and current MRLs are already loaded into the Homologa™ database.

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