The U.S. EPA approves 54 new agrochem. and organic products

In June, 2020 US agency EPA has approved the following 54 new products. Most of them are plant protection products (PPP).

A22435 Turf Herbicide, PITORE LIQUID TREATMENT, WBG 2744, INDAZIFLAM GRZ, REZILON, EH-1681 Herbicide, Merpan Captan 1 Techncial, MGK Formula 3163, LPI.A016, LPI.A036, ALB-FC4, Flumetsulam Technical, GLUFOSINATE 11.33%, Glufosinate 0.5% RTU, CSI 19-313B Glufosinate 11.33%, CSI 19-313G Glufosinate 24.5%, MYCOSHIELD 34 WP, Spinosad SC ML, ZBOR Zinc Borate, Burnout Formula II Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer Ready to Use, DISINFECTANT SPRAY G, Rallis Metribuzin Technical, Shurguard HP RTU, OR-CAL NAA K SALT 200, OR-CAL NAA K SALT 800, Sheep Fat Technical, Trico, NAI-2666 20SC Miticide/Insecticide, Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent VI, GreenFurrow Dusting Sulfur, MEYCHEM Clethodim 37% MUP, Martin's 2.4-D Amine, Martin's 2.4-D LV6, Sharda Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Technical, Protec-T, AX ETOXAZOLE WSB, AX FLUAZINAM, LIBERTY SMET-MET, CAC Asulam 400 Herbicde, Lidan Thyme Oil MUP, Forticept EP1, Forticept EP2, Forticept EP3, Forticept EP4, 16HER016 Granules, ESP718 AIO Concentrate, ESP720 AIO Granules, Neem Oil, Neem of Texas Pure Neem Oil 100% Cold Press, Mesotrione 480SC, REPAR BIOSTIMULANT YIELD ENHANCER, GCS METOLA PLUS 8EC, ARG Difenoconazole Technical and  BioAid - Fungicide

These changes have already been added to Homologa™ database.