New EU MRLs enter into force

EU Regulation 2020/856 will come into force tomorrow the 9th of July 2020.

Maximum residue levels (MRLs) for for cyantraniliprole, cyazofamid, cyprodinil, fenpyroximate, fludioxonil, fluxapyroxad, imazalil, isofetamid, kresoxim-methyl, lufenuron, mandipropamid, propamocarb, pyraclostrobin, pyriofenone, pyriproxyfen and spinetoram will be modified.

The new and changed MRLs values according to this regulation are already loaded in our Homologa™ database.

Brazil proposes new MRLs

On July 1, Brazilian agency ANVISA has published Public Consultations (Consultas Públicas) nº 824-854 about the following active ingredients: acetamiprid, atrazine, chlorantraniliprole/rynaxypyr, cyhalothrin, cymoxanil, diafenthiuron, difluoroacetic-acid, dinotefuran, famoxadone, fluazinam, flupyradifurone, flutriafol, lambda-cyhalothrin, mesotrione, methomyl, novaluron, oxyfluorfen, pirimiphos-m, propiconazole, pyriproxyfen, quizalofop-p-e, Saccharomices. cerevisiae, spinetoram, tebuconazole, tebuthiuron and teflubenzuron

These proposed MRLs are already loaded into the Homologa™ database.

The U.S. EPA approves 54 new agrochem. and organic products

In June, 2020 US agency EPA has approved the following 54 new products. Most of them are plant protection products (PPP).

A22435 Turf Herbicide, PITORE LIQUID TREATMENT, WBG 2744, INDAZIFLAM GRZ, REZILON, EH-1681 Herbicide, Merpan Captan 1 Techncial, MGK Formula 3163, LPI.A016, LPI.A036, ALB-FC4, Flumetsulam Technical, GLUFOSINATE 11.33%, Glufosinate 0.5% RTU, CSI 19-313B Glufosinate 11.33%, CSI 19-313G Glufosinate 24.5%, MYCOSHIELD 34 WP, Spinosad SC ML, ZBOR Zinc Borate, Burnout Formula II Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer Ready to Use, DISINFECTANT SPRAY G, Rallis Metribuzin Technical, Shurguard HP RTU, OR-CAL NAA K SALT 200, OR-CAL NAA K SALT 800, Sheep Fat Technical, Trico, NAI-2666 20SC Miticide/Insecticide, Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent VI, GreenFurrow Dusting Sulfur, MEYCHEM Clethodim 37% MUP, Martin's 2.4-D Amine, Martin's 2.4-D LV6, Sharda Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Technical, Protec-T, AX ETOXAZOLE WSB, AX FLUAZINAM, LIBERTY SMET-MET, CAC Asulam 400 Herbicde, Lidan Thyme Oil MUP, Forticept EP1, Forticept EP2, Forticept EP3, Forticept EP4, 16HER016 Granules, ESP718 AIO Concentrate, ESP720 AIO Granules, Neem Oil, Neem of Texas Pure Neem Oil 100% Cold Press, Mesotrione 480SC, REPAR BIOSTIMULANT YIELD ENHANCER, GCS METOLA PLUS 8EC, ARG Difenoconazole Technical and  BioAid - Fungicide

These changes have already been added to Homologa™ database.

Japan published new MRLs

On June 18, Japanese authorities published new MRLs for the fungicide Metyltetraprole in sugar beet, apple, tea and fish.


 New MRLs that will apply in the future (starting from December, 18 2020) have also been published for Benthiavalicarb-Isopropyl, Difenoconazole, Iminoctadine, Permethrin and Thifluzamide.

 The current and future MRLs according to this publication are already available in the Homologa™ database.



Japan registers 10 PPP (plant protection products)

On May 2020 Japan registered ten new plant protection products containing the following active ingredients:



These changes have already been added to Homologa™ database.

Japan registers 13 new PPP (plant protection products)

On April, 2020 Japan registered 13 new PPP (plant protection products). Three of them are based on the active substance florpyrauxifen-benzyl that has been registered for the first time by FAMIC Japanese "Food and Agricultural Materials Inspection Center"

The whole set of new registered products are already displayed at Homologa™ database.


New EU MRLs enter into force

EU Regulation 2019/1792 has come into force today 18 May 2020.

In view of the non-renewal of approval of the active substances amitrole, flupyrsulfuron-methyl, isoproturon and triasulfuron, the expiry of the approval of the active substances fipronil and imazosulfuron, and the non-approval of the active substance orthosulfamuron, the MRLs for these substances have been set at the relevant limit of determination (LOD):

However, regulation (EC) No 396/2005 as it stood before being amended by this Regulation shall continue to apply to products which were produced in the Union or imported into the Union before 18 May 2020.

The new MRLs values according to this amendment are already loaded in our Homologa™ database.

Poland extends temporary permit for Cruiser in OSR

On May 11, Poland extended the temporary permit for Cruiser OSR 322 FS (Thiamethoxam) in oil seed rape (OSR). This permission will last until 28 September 2020.

Thiamethoxam based PPP (plant protection products) standard registrations have been banned in the EU since 30 April 2019

These changes are being added to Homologa™ database.

Israel proposes new MRL for fluopyram and fluazinam

New MRL were proporsed for fluopyram and fluazinam in plums and zucchini by Israeli authorities.

Besides, amitrole MRL will be changed as soon as the next regulation regarding this active ingredient is published (according to the Israeli database on 14/May/2020)

The new MRLs values according to this amendment are already loaded in our Homologa™ database.


Belgium implements new GAP for Tau-fluvalinate PPP

On May 7, Belgium set new GAP (good agricultural practices) for Tau-fluvalinate PPPs (Plant protection products).

Following EU MRL revision and SANTE proposal for reducing the MRL for Tau-fluvalinate, Belgium sets  interval applications in some cereals and also sets a 14-day PHI (pre-harvest-interval) for potatoes. The products involved are:

  • EVURE (10728P / B)
  • MAVRIK (7535P / B)


These changes are being added to Homologa™ database.



On May 6, 2020;  25 resolutions were published in Brazilian gazette  that modify the MRLs for the following active ingredients: 

Acetamiprid, azoxystrobin, bifenthrin, chlorothalonil,  Crysoperla externa, dicamba, dimethomorph, ethephon, fenoxaprop-p, fenoxaprop-p-e, fluazinam, flubendiamide, flumioxazin, flupyradifurone, folpet, haloxyfop-p-m, indoxacarb, kresoxim-m, methidathion, nicosulfuron, oxymatrine, prohexadione-calcium, pyraflufen-e, tebuconazole and trifloxystrobin

The new and changed MRLs values according to these regulations are already loaded in our Homologa™ database.


On May, 6 2020 Germany extended uses of the flonicamid based insecticide: Teppeki. 

This Plant Protection Product (PPP) used to be allowed on winter wheat against aphids. After this extension Teppeki is also registered for use in barley, oats, rye and triticale against aphids and also in winter barley against aphid vectors. 

The extensions to the approval allow alternative to pesticides containing the neonicotinoid active ingredients like clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam which are banned to be used outdoors.

These changes are being added to Homologa™ database.

Germany cancels thiacloprid plant protection products (PPP)

Germany will revoke Biscaya plant protection product (PPP) on August 3, 2020

The cancellation also applies to the associated plant protection products of parallel trade. Both Biscaya and the parallel products could be used until February 3, 2021.

These periods result from the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/23 which rules the non-renewal of the approval of the active substance thiacloprid.

These changes are being added to Homologa™ database.


The U.S. EPA published a new set of approved PPP

On April 20, the U.S. EPA published a new set of approved plant protection products. 142 products have been registered. Here some of them:

Acceleron D-510 Fungicide Seed TreatmentA
Roundup TriMark Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Ready-To-Use
Alite 27 Herbicide
Fluopyram ST
GrazonNext HL
Loyant CA
VKM32 Insect Control
Scout Herbicide
Ranman 400SC
FAL 3100

The whole set of new registered products are already displayed at Homologa™ database